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Embracing the essence of a sun-kissed European Summer, Cin Cin emerges as a vibrant embodiment of a shared creative vision. Inspired by the joyous Italian toast 'Cin Cin' (pronounced Chin Chin), founders Louise Lazarus and Geo Moriarty weave their artistic journey into a celebration of the 70s jet set glamour and a maximalist 'more is more' aesthetic.

Beginning their odyssey in print design, the Australian duo swiftly established their hallmark - a captivating interplay of motifs and 'troppo-graphic' prints unveiled in a kaleidoscope of colors, adorning swimwear and resortwear. Since its inception in 2019, the brand has embraced a commitment to producing each piece from inception to creation in the Cin Cin Studio, nurturing an in-house ethos that encapsulates its passion for authentic craftsmanship.

The Summer Vacay, an unwavering muse, beats at the heart of Cin Cin. As fate guided Louise and Geo to distant shores - the paradisiacal haven of Bali - their designs found resonance in these far-flung locales. Bali christened the 'Island of Gods,' provided not just inspiration but also a canvas upon which dreams were painted into tangible forms for the Cin Cin girl.