Fur is one of the oldest traditions in the fashion industry. But here at Unreal Fur we’re bringing fur into the future.

Gone are the days of animal cruelty, Unreal Fur is here to divert and convert. (And we have more than one trick under our sleeve to do so!)

Converting the world from real fur to faux fur is a big job, we know that.
But here at Unreal Fur we’re pretty realistic.
So, to make this kind of an impact in the industry, we know that we have to start from within!
That’s why we operate our business with our social responsibilities always in the
forefront of everything we do.
And for us, it doesn’t just stop at animal friendly fashion...
From the internal development of sustainable fibers, to our process for avoiding wastage, we care about our impact on the environment, aswell as our
relationships here and abroad.